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Book Purchasable

This is available, and while I cannot tell you what to do I can certainly make suggestions.


When Pets Die

Are you in a happy mood this morning? Then you might want to skip right over these essays by Awl pals Doree Shafrir and Anna Holmes about the death of pets. Both dogs and cats are represented, so there's something to cry about here for everyone.


Chick Tracts

Awl pal Anna Holmes picks the five ladybooks everyone should read if they want to be Awl pal Anna Holmes. These are also very solid choices for anyone with less lofty aspirations.


Rarely-Discussed Subject Of Being In Your Twenties Finally Examined In Depth

"What is it like to be a not-quite-adult today, and how does that compare to previous generations? A conversation about what it's like (or what it was like) to be at the time of life when you finally have to start making adult decisions about careers, marriage, family and friends. How are timelines shifting? Is being young harder today than it used to be?" So many questions! Awl pals Anna Holmes and Emily Gould—and a bunch of other people—have answers! Probably. You can safely skip ahead to around the seven-minute mark to get started here. Enjoy!