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Brad And Angie Go To Meet The African Pee Generator Girls

Angelina Jolie was so amazed. It was only once in a while that she saw something that really made her feel real. It was so hard to feel real sometimes. Pancakes sometimes made her feel real. But pancakes were troublesome. A slippery slope. She wrote that down in her blue Moleskine book. "Pancakes are a slippery slope."

She put her pen down and thoughtfully chewed the silky inside of her left cheek. She stared hard at the photo on her iPod of those beautiful, strong young African women who had just invented this amazing generator that made electricity out of human urine. She shook her head. It was [...]


Aniston, Jolie Saga Good For Everyone Who Needs Traffic

Forbes takes its traffic-whoring creation of galleries based on arbitrary and manipulable metrics to new heights today, with the 2009 list of Hollywood's top-earning actresses. Shockingly, it's a battle between Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston! Just like in the tabloids! Nice work, fellas!


The Celebrity Weekly Industrial Complex Creates Its Own Reality

"'The question is: how can we construct a story around a set of emotions that our readers are going to relate to? It can come from a genuine tip, or a photo. Or it can come out of our ass,'" says a gossip magazine editor speaking anonymously to the Guardian's Oliver Burkeman. Burkeman has a lengthy piece on celebrity weeklies and their flexible concepts of truth and reportage.