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Jägermeister Requested

"By midnight, Andrew Sullivan, the 50-year-old political reporter and New York night life newbie, had already ripped off his white dress shirt in favor of the black tank top underneath and tugged at Mr. Maisani’s elbow, asking him for some Jägermeister."


Up And Down With Andrew Sullivan

I'm sorry if these are not things an Obama supporter should say at this point. But the demoralization is profound:

— Andrew Sullivan (@sullydish) October 8, 2012

Andrew Sullivan is not a useful metric for measuring the opinions, stances or engagement of American voters slowly waking to the reality of a presidential election next month. The Daily Beast blogger and Newsweek essayist is, by any rational assessment, a demographic of one—a conservative liberal gay Republican Obama loyalist and Irish-English Oxford man who sought and secured permanent U.S. residency. But when I returned to the media world last week, after a six-month sabbatical, it was [...]


Dress Yourself Bloggy

"The band t-shirt has been a staple of our casual wardrobe for a while—really, ever since that one Deerhoof show—but that’s because rock stars are cool. Bloggers, not so much. But as in many things, Andrew Sullivan is the exception. The combination of an awesome beard and a balanced understanding of new media make him the closest our tribe has to a rock star, so he’s teamed up with the nautical experts (and Provincetown residents) at Rogues Gallery for a trio of screenprinted tees." Andrew Sullivan has a t-shirt? Why don't we have a t-shirt? Oh, right, because it would probably look like this. Carry on.


Let's Meet 'Charlie St. Cloud' Author Ben Sherwood All Over Again

If you've been out and about lately, or even if you've stayed in-you really can't hide from this-you've probably noticed a media blitzkrieg for something called Charlie St. Cloud. But before it was a movie, it was a novel. Originally titled The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud, any copies you find of it now will likely be of the NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE variety and have Zac Efron dreamboating the hell out of the cover.

That novel's author is Ben Sherwood. He's not an old man-only 46 now-but his fame and controversy extends back rather far, to his days as a Rhodes Scholar.


Local Man Cannot Operate Beard Trimmer

Website proprietor Andrew Sullivan continues to have trouble with New York's service industries. He trusted Yelp with barber shop recommendations, and then the barber (allegedly) broke his iPad and trimmed his beard incorrectly!

My starter was a Yelp-recommended, first come, first served joint. I put my name down and was told to come back in 30 minutes. Ok. Back 25 minutes later, I was told it could be done in ten minutes. A further half hour of Angry birds later, I asked when I could get my beard trimmed. 20 minutes. Half an hour later, when they started hedging again when I asked, I left. New York City: wait [...]


How Is Andrew Sullivan Not Crippled by Carpal Tunnel?

Totally concerned about the ergonomics of Andrew Sullivan's blog cave, as depicted here! In a Stickley chair, with the laptop like that? It's making my wrists ache!


Andrew Sullivan Predicted the Future of the Internet in 2002

Well, it is a little rankling to read about how Slate's Jacob Weisberg INVENTED THE INTERNET. Or, as he puts it, in a "we got new offices" profile of Slate, "We basically invented blogging." Which, okay, no, not really. But you know what? While investigating the historical record, we stumbled across this little bit of history from May 10, 2002, in an article headlined "APOCALYPSE IS UPON THE BLOGGERS OF THE WEB—OR IS IT?," by one Seth Mnookin, then a reporter at the New York Sun.


Andrew Sullivan's Head Hits The Desk

"The Democrats are a clapped out, gut-free lobbyist machine. The Republicans are insane. The system is therefore paralyzed beyond repair." That's Andrew Sullivan, who has been right more often than many pundits in the Obama era, and also more patient and optimistic-ending many of his posts with the sign-off, "Know hope." So it's hard not to feel despair when, in the face of the Democrats' stupid looming loss in today's special senatorial election in Massachusetts, a loss he believes will leave the health bill "dead," he writes

If America cannot grapple with its deep and real problems after electing a new president with two majorities, then America's problems are [...]


"Disagree And Still Be Friends": A Conversation With Andrew Sullivan

My leftist friends are mainly baffled by how much I like Andrew Sullivan. His blog, the Daily Dish, presents a libertarian-inflected center-right political stance. He supported the Iraq War; he is gay and a practicing Catholic. As Ken Layne recently remarked here, Andrew is "by any rational assessment, a demographic of one—a conservative liberal gay Republican Obama loyalist and Irish-English Oxford man who sought and secured permanent U.S. residency."

But the Dish is intelligent, rational, mannerly, and welcoming, in stark contrast to the common run of right-wing blogs. Here is a conservative who accepts me and my views freely, however much they may diverge from his. It was [...]


Sullivan and Greenwald Down! Krugman Fine! We Check in on Blogger Health

Given that Andrew Sullivan was out sick all last week (asthma and bronchitis) and that Glenn Greenwald was just released from the hospital after contracting dengue fever, we thought we’d ask around and see how some other prominent bloggers are doing in this age of cyber-disease.

Uh oh! New York Times columnist Paul Krugman is taking the day off today from his blog “The Conscience of a Liberal”! But worry not—he's just preparing for the new semester of teaching. And he's going nowhere. Krugman wrote in an email to us that he plans to continue blogging “as long as I think I’m having an impact [...]


Somehow There Are Opposing Views: How Often Do Americans Get To Kill People and When?

I too hope that the Glenn Greenwald-Andrew Sullivan fight goes on forever. Andrew is in this corner: "I do believe we are at war; and that killing those who wish to kill us before they can do so is not the equivalent of 'assassination.'" In the other corner: "Would Andrew be comfortable with a future Republican President–let's say, just to pick a random example… President Sarah Palin–having the power to order American citizens killed based solely on her unchecked accusation that they are somehow involved with or helping Al Qaeda Terrorists, while the targeted citizens have no recourse to any courts and she has no obligation [...]