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Finance Justified

"[New York Times financial reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin] is something of a prototype of how industry reporters have evolved into digital entrepreneurs," says Alex Pareene. Then he says some other stuff about him which is a little less flattering.


New Kids On The Twitter Block

Two new entrants on Twitter today! Politics oppo research queen Tracy Sefl has arrived, as has aggro New York Times biz reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin, who is already asking if the Times first quarter results would be the same if the paper's website was behind a paywall. Oh this is fun.


How To Read Andrew Ross Sorkin

From the inbox, regarding this excerpt from Andrew Ross Sorkin's Too Big To Fail: "Substitute any utilitarian object name for "Lehman Brothers" (i.e. "my used pool filter pump") in this article, and both the astonishing incompetence and absurdity of the compensation these men receive is made clear." Ooh, try it! It really works!


Andrew Ross Sorkin, Constrained by Deathly Boring Newspaper, Just Doesn't Know What To Think

On Thursday, Goldman Sachs will release its 3rd quarter results. Obviously, they will be good, since anyone in the financial world on any level has seen massive income this quarter. The bonus money set aside this quarter is likely to be the largest ever. So what does it all mean, Mr. Chief Business Writer at the New York Times? "So should we be upset about the bonuses? Is this a problem?… But we can't have it both ways, either… Mr. Blankfein can't win… The bigger question – the more important question – is whether the enormous sums of money that will be given to Goldman's executives are proper and [...]