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Notes On The Celebrity Backdoor Porn Industry

We were watching the first minutes of a pornographic film: the part where the actors both begin to do and yet coyly dance around the reason we're all here. "We" was me and someone in another borough that I'd conscripted into helping me make sense of what's about to happen.

Something is off. The male performer is listless and having trouble staying aroused. His female costar's ministrations are halfhearted and her eyes are vacant and she insists on calling him "baby" in a high-pitched squeak and he can barely hide his contempt at her convoluted story about underwear shopping when she abruptly announces that the anal portion of the show [...]


Horror Chick: 'Sorority Row'

Admit it: you laugh a little when the horror movie killer turns out to be a girl. You think it's funny. Ha ha! The BIG twist…it's a chick! Doesn't really matter which chick it is, or why a 100-pound brunette with Hawaiian Tropic skin and an altered proboscis chose to become a homicidal maniac-it's funny. Gives a film immediate camp status. You know it's true. You raging neosexist pig. Just kidding- I laugh too. Plus I'm a lousy feminist who's pro-Brazilians and anal scenes, so who am I to judge.