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The Miata Is 25

Apart from a rooting interest in the major professional sports and an inability to dress with anything approaching "style" (or even "color coordination") I have spent my whole life as a dismal failure in the matter of exhibiting most of the markers of traditional American masculinity. I don't lift weights or play glorified forms of catch or enjoy strip clubs or shoot guns or know which highways get you to places faster or mow lawns or like or own or possess the ability to differentiate between tools or even know what they would be handy for. I prefer wine to beer. But my red-bloodedness has been especially deficient in [...]


Arthur Rankin, Jr., 1924-2014

An old man writes: "I don't want to belabor the point or look back with any kind of revisionist history on how wonderful it all was, because a lot of it was frankly terrible and, even with all the annoyances and vexations we're forced to confront each day as everyone figures out how to negotiate this strange new world with its ever-shifting boundaries and notions of what is acceptable, we are still considerably better off in these times than we were back then, but there was something special about living in an age where you had three main sources of televised entertainment and if you missed an episode of [...]


"Gentlemen," 20 Years Later

You have probably seen that commercial for the Toyota Corolla that shuffles through the last 50 years or so of musical styles and, if you are anything like me, you experience a brief bit of shock when it gets to the end and the beautiful group of multiracial young people are, I guess, twerking to EDM or whatever and you're like, "This is supposed to be now." It's jarring in a lot of ways, particularly if that actually is what's going on out there (I don't get around much anymore), but even if it's not the power of persistent imagery can hang a vision on an era and [...]