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Hologram Would Rather Do A Few Small Local Sets And Focus On Its Next Record

Sometimes you need a reminder to step back and silently marvel at just how amazing it is, this age in which we live.


How the Internet Mourns: "But What About the Kurds?"

A million years ago these friends told me about a saying they'd taken on, that came from a heated dinner party conversation. They were having an argument about Armenia or Iraq or something, or Palestine, who knows, and it was getting unreasonably heated due to the way these kinds of conversations go, and finally at one point a woman banged on the table and screamed, in an accent that I always do as "really fake French": BUT WHAT ABOUT ZE KURDS??? This is an argument stopper akin to invoking Hitler. What about the Kurds? Let us not discuss provisional governments or the rights of women or whatever, when don't [...]


Amy Winehouse, Free At last

And here is a picture of English pop singer Amy Winehouse riding a horse on a small Caribbean island.

It Is For A Variety Of Reasons That October Is So Totally Awesome

Hooray! It’s October, which really is a terrific month. It seems to get better and better every year, October. (Or maybe it’s just that all the others get worse and worse, and maybe October does, too. But a bit less dramatically so.) A smarter, more contemplative person might note that as we get older we’re more inclined to appreciate stuff like falling leaves, and the slowing of nature’s life cycles. One might make a date to go walk in the woods somewhere, to take full advantage of this fleeting blip of pleasant weather we get before the gloom and bitter cold of too-short winter days afflict us all with [...]


Kreayshawn, "Gucci Gucci"

This is the song that just got 21-year-old Oakland rapper Kreayshawn a million-dollar deal with Sony Records? (ALLEGEDLY. I mean, the deal is real; the million dollars is maybe a rumor.) Do you like it? I really do. It reminds me of Too $hort and Gucci Mane. Is that last part just because of its title? (No, I think it's also the wobbly weirdness.)


Amy Winehouse: An Observation

"A gift to gossip writers, Winehouse was nonetheless famous for actually being good at something. She was retro even in her celebrity; one of the most exposed in a culture of unprecedented over-exposure, she still appeared mysterious, as if she was disguised as herself…. She looked as if everything had already happened to her."


Amy Winehouse Performs With The Specials

Apparently Amy Winehouse showed up at England's V Fest this weekend and performed two songs with 2 Tone legends The Specials (aka The Special AKA-haha, see what I did there?). Anyway, I'm not sure how you feel about Winehouse at this point, but I for one am happy for the music. Above, "You're Wondering Now," below, "Ghost Town." Enjoy, they're both pretty good.