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Lady in Brooklyn Publishes Book

Guess what arrives in bookstores and Kindles and whatnots near you today? That's right, Amy Sohn's Motherland, a tale of Brooklyn lives gone wrong. We're absolutely certain that you'll enjoy it!


The 40-Year-Old Reversion

Once a month I get together with half a dozen moms from Park Slope and Carroll Gardens. We call ourselves Hookers, Sluts and Drug Addicts. They dubbed me a Hooker because I wear tight clothes and smile a lot. Sally, a stay-at-home mom of boys, is a Slut, because she’s always touching her body. The Drug Addict is a therapist who can drink a bottle of Cabernet in one sitting. (All names and some details have been changed so I don’t lose more friends than I already have.) Some work and some don’t. The working ones complain about their jobs and the non-working ones complain about their husbands. We go [...]


Cooking the Books, with Emily Gould: Making Malfatti with Amy Sohn

Cooking the Books, with Emily Gould, was shot and edited by Val Temple. This week's guest, Amy Sohn, is the author of Prospect Park West, a tale of four married women in baby-friendly Brooklyn. (The recipe for malfatti, should you like to play along at home, is here.) (Previously.)