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Only Poem Anybody Knows First Published On This Day In 1845

The year 1845 was a time of unimaginable deprivations: No smart phones, no Twitter, no Words With Friends, plus there was a lot of cholera, and those Irish street gangs, and also slavery somewhere. The Gowanus Canal was not just a repulsive sewage channel and heartbreaking symbol of environmental devastation, but a primary means of public transport through Brooklyn—construction on the great bridge to Manhattan wouldn't be begin for another quarter century. And on this day in 1845, it was probably also very cold.

For a mostly unknown writer and poet from Baltimore, January 29 was one of his last good days. The New York Evening Mirror published his [...]


American Poet To Legally Change His Name To "American Poetry"

Our poet friend Jim Behrle has had enough (of some toxic substance). "Since I've pretty much burned through the good name my parents gave me, I've decided this is as good a time as ever to legally change my name to 'American Poetry.'"