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Alicia Keys And Maxwell, "Fire We Make"

The new Alicia Keys and Maxwell video is some good, smutty fun. And I really like the song. But it would be better if they didn't cut the scene where John Goodman runs down the hallway with a shotgun screaming "I'll show you the life of the mind!"


Alicia Keys Is Mommy Blogging

"I can spend HOURS looking at one little EAR! Have u ever noticed how complex just an ear is? A tiny maze of art. It may sound silly but it's so true. Or a heartbeat? Everyday we wake up and in some way, take for granted the fact that this beautiful pulsating organ in our body is the reason, and yet now that's all I can think of… And breath; invisible as it may be, how necessary!" —Alicia Keys, who gave birth to her first child, Egypt, two weeks ago, wrote about her feelings on her website.


P Is For The People Who Can't Understand

So Jay-Z's booked to perform "Empire State of Mind" before the opening game of the world series at Yankee Stadium. Hard to beat something that makes that much sense. A big, bombastic anthem about the bright lights of the big city to match the big, bombastic Bronx Bombers and the bright lights of their big new stadium. (Even as that googolzillion-dollar monument to avarice and ostentation is already falling apart.) Alicia Keys on the chorus and everything. A-Rod's bound to pop a boner. The Evil Empire is stacking the deck.

How's Philadelphia-a place already afflicted with a severe second-city complex-supposed to compete?


A Brief History Of Pop Stars Dressed Like Bees

David Letterman REALLY liked the dress that Alicia Keys wore on his show last night. I think she looked liked a bee. She would not be the first pop star to look like one!


Jay-Z Gets The Show Choir Treatment

Real talk: "Nassau County State Of Mind" > the candied slab of saccharine that is the "Glee" version of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' "Empire State Of Mind." And despite this Autotuned, overly precious assault on his Big Apple anthem, Jay-Z is still having a pretty decent run this week, what with his bonkers, cameo-studded Yankee Stadium shows and the fact that he hasn't released a cringe-inducing AC/DC cover yet. (There's still time, though?)


Liveblogging The New Citibank Commercial

0:05 Man who looks like Seth Meyers and mimics facial expressions of Ed Helms gets dumped at restaurant by needlessly cruel woman. 0:08 He goes home to dark apartment to cry and masturbate to internet porn on Macbook Air. 0:10 Ends up on Citi Private Pass page and decides to pay for sex.


Liza Minnelli Is… Sasha Fierce?

"'Sex and the City 2,' due May 25, features Alicia Keys covering Blondie's 'Rapture'… as well as legendary entertainer Liza Minnelli covering Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)."