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The One Edit That Would Make 'North By Northwest' Perfect

North By Northwest is fantastic. Can we agree on this? I hope so. If you disagree, you're probably a perfectly nice person, but I'm afraid you are factually incorrect on this point, and I'm not going to deign to argue with you. Sorry. "Propulsive" is a word that has been beaten to death by movie critics, but really, the plot gets underway immediately—Cary Grant is kidnapped less than four minutes after the opening credit sequence ends—and does not really let up for the next two wonderful hours.

As the Oscars draw near, the first in a series about our strong movie opinions, past and present.

Because North By [...]


A New Nursery Rhyme About Blackbirds

Sing a song of sixpence A pocketful of rye Four or five thousand blackbirds falling from the sky

The town of Beebe was startled no one could believe Such Hitchcockian event On cheery New Year's Eve