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Pinch Sulzberger, Fire Yourself Today

On Wednesday, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr., publisher of the New York Times and chairman of The New York Times Company, mystified many of his employees by announcing that he had just fired Jill Abramson, who had been the paper's executive editor since 2011. He didn't explain why, and declined to substantively answer questions on the subject posed by the journalists he employs.

So: Sulzberger unceremoniously dispatches the first female head editor of the most important and prestigious newspaper in the world without explanation. Prior former editors, including the one who was there during the troubles with plagiarism and fabrication and war-mongering backed by trumped-up intelligence from disreputable sources, received gracious, [...]


Television Show Disliked

"Things get sillier when the network brass begins getting upset: Apparently humiliating Tea Party freaks in live debate is … horrible for ratings, for some reason? And this makes network owner Jane Fonda threaten to fire McAvoy. 'He humiliated congressional candidates on my network,' she says at Sam Waterston, as if that were a thing someone who owned a cable news network would be mad about. Oh no, people might turn off this news channel that has politicians being humiliated, routinely, by the world’s smartest asshole!" —Awl pal Alex Pareene considers Aaron Sorkin's "The Newsroom."


"Early American Settlers May Have Arrived by Riding Pterodactyls"

A Tea People's History, by Alex Pareene, illustrated by Ian Huebert: ebook, $2.99.


Small Child Departs Job He Has Been Doing Since Birth

Gawker graybeard/Awl contributor Alex Pareene is leaving that site and heading for the relative calm and efficiency of Salon.


Flicked Off: Alex Pareene and Natasha Vargas-Cooper on 'The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans'

Natasha: Pareene!

Alex: Natasha!

Natasha: Can we talk about the motherf'ing Bad Lieutenant??

Alex: Yes. Yes we can.

Natasha: Pareene, tell me why this is a great movie.

Alex: Well. I think, first of all, that it is indeed about a Bad Lieutenant. I think that while Abel Ferrara's original movie was about a bad person who happens to be a Lieutenant, Nic Cage, in this film, was just not ever very good at being a Lieutenant. And I admired that, making a police procedural where none of the policing is ever very competent.


Clinton Pal Lanny Davis: Busy Bee, Honduras Operative

Hey, what is Clintonista lawyer Lanny Davis up to these days? Oh wait, he's what? "He is just bad, for the country. And not just our country! He is now being bad for Honduras, where the military recently seized power, on behalf of the business elite, who were worried that some of their wealth might be redistributed to that nation's poor." I miss the old days, when we'd just go south of the border and shoot people. Oh wait, we still do that too?


Contributors do other things

Elsewhere today: Bookforum, where Awl wealth-hater Chris Lehmann serves as Senior Editor, has launched a redesigned website which will update daily. Awl crossword editor Alex Pareene has a terrific parody of the recent Vanity Fair "Journey to Brooklyn" piece. And Awl co-editor Alex Balk spent the morning looking at Latina porn, but that's not really out of the ordinary.


Finance Justified

"[New York Times financial reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin] is something of a prototype of how industry reporters have evolved into digital entrepreneurs," says Alex Pareene. Then he says some other stuff about him which is a little less flattering.


Two Important New Ebooks: Alex Pareene on Romney–and Kitty Glitter Strikes Again

Alex Pareene's The Rude Guide To Mitt, a brief but thorough history of our next president.


A Treasury Of Insurrectionary Voices

"As the Republican Party has become more homogeneous, more regional and more reactionary, it has tended to make up for its growing demographic shortcomings by making sure its supporters are more motivated and energized — and the most effective way to energize them has been to make sure they're constantly enraged. When the GOP didn't have the votes to stop healthcare reform from passing, their strategy — and it almost worked — was to scare Democratic elected officials. That was the point of telling everyone to shout themselves hoarse at the town halls: to terrify House members." —Alex Pareene rounds up some recent revolutionary rhetoric.


The End of the 00s: The Decade In "Netflix Instant Watch," by Alex Pareene

These are all of the things I have watched on the Netflix Instant Watch in this decade, in chronological order.


Krossword Korner, with Alex Pareene: A Bearload of Answers!

The answers for this week's crossword puzzle follow.


Back On The Beat

Awl crossword puzzle editor Alex Pareene, writing at his NEW BLOG, follows up on that chiropractic controversy we mentioned a month ago and then promptly forgot all about. Go read it and then add his blog to your RSS Reader, because it is just that good.


Crossword Corner: Look Back In Anger

This week's puzzle: short, but hard! (Mmmph… OKAY, okay, that's what she said!) Print and enjoy in the privacy of your cubicle, if you still have one.


Here Are 10 People Who Are Probably Thrilled That They Are Relevant Enough To Be Mocked

"Mike Allen is a silly man who lives in a secret den in a funny little town called Washington. His job is to tell all the other silly men that they are very, very important and strong." —Now that Awl pal Alex Pareene's annual Hack List is complete you can enjoy the whole thing in one sitting. It's beginning to click a lot like Christmas!


Man Mean

It is that time of the year again: Awl pal Alex Pareene's Hack List is back! Who is he going to be mean about this year? YOU NEVER KNOW.


The GOP Now

Nice one-two punch at Salon's War Room: Steve Kornacki looks at how Islamophobia has replaced anti-Communism as the unifying force for Republicans ("The Republican Party of the Bush years had the same magnetic allure to Islamophobes as today's does, even if it didn't use quite the same inflammatory rhetoric."), while Alex Pareene takes on a Wall Street Journal editorial about who's to blame for unemployment ("While the actual 'data' show a miserable climate in which there are millions more jobless people than there are job openings (there are 3 million openings and 17 million jobless, according to the 'chart'), the Journal's Mark Whitehouse found anecdotal evidence of employers [...]


Everything You Think Is Wrong Is Actually Right

Awl contributor Alex Pareene offers up a compendium of a decade in counterintuitive thought. I bet some poor kid at Slate is working on a piece about how all the articles referenced are actually works of conventional wisdom as we speak!


Krossword Korner, with Alex Pareene: Bears Among Us!

Clues follow. Print and play at home!


Crossword Corner: Solutions to "Look Back In Anger"

The sheer brilliance of this week's Crossword Puzzle becomes apparent when the answer key is revealed!