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A Poem By Alex Dimitrov

Lindsay Lohan

It’s a cold rehearsal before we all drive off. The ride out is mindless and short on goodbyes. And in the flurry of parties she lost her passport. A slow smoke, a think in the old car… how they moved through their places and phrases and onto the bedroom where mostly we kept it all in. People won’t tell you, but if you lose enough things you do become something. All day the water endlessly filters so it’s not the same pool. In the morning our photos looked darker than us and the subject we were was a gamble (I know). The night winds came through and the [...]


The Poetry Section: Alex Dimitrov, 'Self Portrait as Brigitte Bardot in Contempt'

Today: two short new poems by Alex Dimitrov, including "Self Portrait as Brigitte Bardot in Contempt."