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'Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa," The Full Trailer

I will never understand why "Alan Partridge" didn't make it on these shores while "David Brent" did, but whatever, more for me I guess. Unless they don't release the movie in this country, in which case I will be pissed. Anyway, here's the official preview. Alpha Papa is out in Britain on August 16th. If you're over there maybe tape it with your phone and send it to me. Thanks.


Will The Alan Partridge Movie Make It To America?

Sweet lord, it's a preview for the forthcoming Alan Partridge movie! I may have to conquer my fear of being stabbed and actually fly to Britain just so I can see this. Okay, I will probably just hold off until it makes it over here, but I don't wanna wait. I mean, who knows how long that's going to take? I don't have a lot of time left. [Via]