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Don't Watch Any Movies Ever Until They Make This One

Ted Chiang's The Story Of Your Life is being made by the hot guy who made Prisoners, which was also amazing, instead of Nic Mathieu, as was reported a few months ago. Have you not read? Oh you must, here, it is inexpensive. Please let me live long enough to see this movie, that's all I ask.


PJ Harvey, "Written On The Forehead"

This just in: A new PJ Harvey song from her forthcoming album Let England Shake, which comes out next February. The song is a half-spiky, half-spacey track that finds Harvey exploring the upper register of her voice the way she did on White Chalk; it is called "Written On The Forehead," and it's definitely not what I expected after hearing other songs she'd been working on. (A sampling of artists/labels name-checked by friends who'd heard the track: Deerhunter, Cocteau Twins, the Knife, Kate Bush, "early 4AD," "almost Stones Throw.") But what fun would the predictable be? Stream after the jump.