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Alone Again Or Something

The other morning I was walking my kid to school and we crossed Court Street in Brooklyn in front of a car that had an interestingly shaped air-freshener hanging from the rearview mirror. It was hanging at a slight angle behind the windshield, and so I looked at it for a good few seconds, in effort to confirm that it was what I thought it was. Sure enough: it was a cardboard air-freshener in the shape of fist with a raised middle finger. Like the giant foam hands they sell at sports games or Key West or wherever.

The guy driving the car had a Yankee cap pulled low [...]


Eggs Excite Squid and Also, Not Really Relatedly, Paul Newman Can Eat 50 Eggs!

"Mild-mannered male squid turn into furious fighting machines when their tentacles brush a chemical on the surface of squid eggs, a finding that could give insights into how aggression works." —If you've ever wondered how or why the guys in Cool Hand Luke somehow turned eating eggs into the ultimate challenge of competitive machismo (I have always marveled—it's so great!), a recent study of squid behavior may point to an answer. Eggs. They tap into some deep Iron John type stuff.