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The Stupidity Of New York's Long, Expensive (And Ongoing) War On Graffiti

Thirty years ago—at the height of New York City's "War on Graffiti," and in an act of faith utterly incommensurate with the city's public demonization of graffiti writers—a group of teenagers named SHY 147, DAZE, MIN and DURO met with MTA official Richard Ravitch, and proposed a deal. Give the writers of New York City one train line to adorn with their vibrant aerosol murals, and they would leave the rest alone. Let them paint for six months, then let the public vote on the merits of their contribution.

Ravitch suggested that if the writers wanted to contribute, he would give them all brooms, and hostilities resumed. The subway's [...]


Gimmicky Author Thinks He Invented Swearing

"Give me a fucking break. Stop ripping my shit off. Get your own idea." —Adam Mansbach, writer of Go the F**k to Sleep, is unimpressed by other books that use bad words.


Many People Taking Not-So-Serious Book Far Too Seriously

"Imagine if this were written about Jews, blacks, Muslims or Latinos…" —Everybody needs to shut the f**k up about Go the F**k to Sleep right f**king now.