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Big K.R.I.T., "R.E.M."

Best R.E.M. rap since K.R.S. got served by MC Stipe? Best song of any kind about R.E.M. since Pavement named my kid?


A Field Guide to the Acronymical Kingdom, Part Three

The Lol thrives in damp, dark places. Indigenous to the rain forests of Washington state, it has proved remarkably adaptable and now thrives in sewers, drain pipes, irrigation canals, port-a-potties and indoor plumbing across the North American continent. (Small populations of Lol's have even been spotted in camping grounds in the Mojave desert.)


Steve Cohen Story Provides Teachable Moment

"'ilu' is short for 'I love you' or 'I like you.'"


A Field Guide to the Acronymical Kingdom, Part Two

The Wtf, an invasive species originally native to the Idaho Rockies, can now be found from Patagonia to the tropics, the Sahara to the rain forest, nature preserves to toxic waste sites.


A Brief Guide to the New New York Rap

An artist out of Brooklyn by the name of Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire has his borough in his blood—a little of Biggie's deep-lunged authority comes through in his style, and a little of Ol' Dirty Bastard's unhinged perviness, too—and he has an underground hit on his hands with a song called "Huzzah," which was produced by the death-obsessed hardcore veteran Necro. For the remix, he gathered an impressive collection of avant garde MCs—Queens' Despot, Detroit's Danny Brown, hometown faves Das Racist, and the venerable Def Jux Records founder El-P (who wears a large mustache and reminds us again how terrific and ahead-of-its-time his old group Company Flow [...]


Toward A More Detailed Work-Safety Warning

The Wall Street Journal has another "Oh no, people need to learn text/Internet acronyms" piece today, which opens with the following anecdote:

Kate Washburn didn't know what to make of the email a friend sent to her office with the abbreviation "NSFW" written at the bottom. Then she clicked through the attached sideshow, titled "Awkward Family Photos." It included shots of a family in furry "nude" suits and of another family alongside a male walrus in a revealing pose.

After looking up NSFW on Web site that provides definitions of Internet and texting terms-she discovered what it stood for: "Not safe for work."