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Are Your Friends Putting You At Risk Of Having Fun?

"It’s no secret that drinking is contagious: if your friends are binging or abstaining, there’s a good chance you’ll follow suit. But a fascinating study on early view at the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research shows just how far this influence goes – and also shows that the social effect on alcohol consumption happens largely outside of our awareness. If you struggle with alcohol addiction, the implication is obvious: be especially careful in groups that are drinking. In fact, many sponsors encourage recovering alcoholics to completely avoid locations and events where alcohol is central. But if your friend struggles with alcohol, the finding is equally important: your drinking [...]


Drinking And Weight

Drinkers gain the least weight over time, but only "moderate" drinkers (two a day for men, one a day for the ladies), so it hardly seems worth the effort.


Placebos More Effective Than Ever: Study

"In decades past, clinical trials found that drugs were hugely effective, compared to placebo, a new study reveals. Newer drugs, on the other hand, are often only just slightly better than placebo, Reuters reported. The study looked at drugs of all types, treating everything from infections to mental illness to cancer."


England Totally Thinks The Rest Of The World Can't Tell It's Drunk

"England is a nation of secret boozers, with more than a third of the population drinking unhealthy quantities of alcohol, new research has suggested."


God Still Trying To Figure Out Whether San Francisco Should Beat Baltimore

"More than one-third (36%) of Americans who live in the South agree that God plays a role in determining which team wins a sporting event, compared to nearly 3-in-10 (28%) Americans who live in the Midwest, 1-in-5 (20%) Americans who live in the Northeast, and 15% of Americans who live in the West. Republicans (25%) are, however, equally as likely as Democrats (28%) and independents (26%) to agree that God plays a role in determining which team wins a sporting event." —It's almost time for America's annual passion play. Let's hope God can take a break from killing Muslim kids in Syria to bless the most-deserving group of gigantic [...]


American Teens Lamer Than Ever: Study

"Cigarette use among U.S. teenagers fell to historic lows and a four-year rise in marijuana use appears to have leveled off, according to a national study released Wednesday."


Science Finally Resolves The 'When Harry Met Sally' Conundrum

"Can heterosexual men and women ever be 'just friends'?" [SPOILER: The women can.]


You Already Know Why Engineers Are Boring, But Here's Why They're Dicks

"In addition to learning how to craft new technologies, undergraduate engineers are learning to not care as much about their fellow human beings, suggests a new study from a sociologist with a degree in engineering."


iPads Make Kids Not Have So Much Of The Words

"The iPad generation will learn fewer words, experts fear, as using text messages, emails and computers to learn could be stunting children’s vocabulary."


Alcohol Tastes Like Happiness: Science

Even a simple taste of alcohol fills your brain with sweet promises of incomparable delight, which explains why even that bottle of Cynar will eventually be empty.


Gender Stereotypes Confirmed

Ladies are all "yak yak yak," while men are like, "Mm hmm," which is why the only way fathers can bond with their daughters is through sports.


Lay Off The Sleeping Pills, Ladies!

Modern women, are you constantly feeling "drunk" even when you've had a break from drinking—perhaps during the six-hour break from alcohol known as bedtime? The latest problem you have may be more than a recycling bin full of wine bottles. The quack doctor who always writes those no-questions-asked 'scrips (recommended by the quack psychiatrist who keeps your amphetamine jar filled) may be double-dosing you with Ambien, the wildly popular sleeping pill that suffocates your nightly mental battle with the bug-eyed entities grandma called "demons" and your parents called "aliens" and your college friends called "machine elves" and your dog just barks at insanely, night after night. Why do [...]


Eat Less Fat Yourself Less Fat

"Forget dieting; just cut down a little on the fat in what you eat and you'll lose weight. The confirmation that you can lose weight without eating less comes from a review of studies involving nearly 75,000 people – none of whom were trying to lose weight. The pounds fell off when they changed to a diet containing less fat." —Apparently, if most of what you can eat is food that is no fun, you will decrease the sad number of pounds you are shuffling along with. I imagine this would also work if you cut down a little on the alcohol, but I will allow Science to [...]


Hellbound Americans Rapidly Abandoning God

The rest of the western world pretty much gave up on organized religion 40 years ago, but here in America we kept Christian-soldiering onward, because America is special that way. Or it was special that way: A shocking new study reveals that the number of Americans abandoning all religion jumped by 15% in the last half decade. With one in five Americans (five in five in New York) now in the "no religion" category, we should catch up with Europe by 2032 or so, by which point the Earth is expected to be a boiling cauldron anyway.


How To Trick People Into Giving You What You Want

"Using Emotional Intelligence to Manipulate Others" is, unfortunately, simply a confirmation that said practice does indeed exist rather than a simple how-to guide on wielding that power in your own life. Still, if you are working on such a manual please share it with me. I know how helpful you are and it would really impress me if you did.


Health Insurance Does Good Thing

"According to a paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine this past May, people with access to Medicaid were a whopping 30 percent less likely than their counterparts to screen positive for depression…. A 2009 study by a team that included Senator Elizabeth Warren found that more than half of all personal bankruptcies happen because of medical bills. In that light, health insurance can be seen as a financial instrument designed specifically to protect against such a crisis. According to the Oregon study, being insured made people almost 60 percent less likely to have to borrow money or miss a payment on a bill."

Photo [...]


Sex And Lies! The Iffy Science Of Measuring Calories

As you may have heard, sex doesn't burn nearly as many calories as you might have been led to believe. But this is far from the only finding in obesity research that wilts under intense scrutiny, as the rest of this paper in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed. Each piece of received wisdom about weight-loss and dieting the study took on (eat fruits and vegetables! eat breakfast! etc.)—was found wanting. Conclusions: "False and scientifically unsupported beliefs about obesity are pervasive in both scientific literature and the popular press." What we think of as hard science can, it turns out, be pretty soft.

One example as [...]


Heaviest Drinkers Cooler Longer

"People who grew up in states where it was legal to drink alcohol before age 21 are more likely to be binge drinkers later in life, according to a new study."


Are Women The New Problem Drinkers, Because They Are Lady Binge-Drinkers?

Another glass ceiling has been shattered by women, as "binge drinking" is no longer just something most men do all the time. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, one-in-four college ladies and one-in-eight of all gals over 18 are dangerous binge drinkers, consuming up to … four alcoholic beverages per "binge." Four drinks is binge drinking, now?

These wild drunkards are going crazy with the four drinks up to … three times a month, according to the CDC. Well good gracious, that's almost having drinks on a single night of every weekend, as long as you don't drink at all on the fourth weekend. Further research may [...]


On Smoking And Hangovers

"In order to ward off the hangover, Rohsenow suggested to HealthDay to drink lots of water and take a painkiller with aspirin or ibuprofen, but not acetaminophen (Tylenol), because it can cause liver damage when combined with alcohol. Drinking more to keep the hangover at bay, however, hasn't been studied, and seems counterintuitive, she pointed out." —Yes, Science Lady, it seems counterintuitive unless you've actually ever done it, in which case it is sometimes the difference between life and death (or, at least, moaning on the couch or doing somewhat more ambulatory moaning). In any event, this article is about how college students (and, presumably, those of us who [...]