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The Last Lines, In Order, Of Every Major Character In The "30 Rock" Finale

16. Liz: She'll be like, "Whaaat?" (41:48)

15. Jack: Wait, you're Sam? (42:16)

14. Grizz: Wait, you're Sam? Don't even say it. (41:26)

13. Kenneth: So the whole show just takes place here at 30 Rockefeller Plaza—is that right, Ms. Lemon? [Yes sir...] I know, and I love it. (42:28)

12. Dot Com: Tracy is exactly where you think he is, Liz. It's the closest thing he has to hiding out in a church. (30:50)


The Semi-Feminism Of "Liz Lemonism"

"The popular television sitcom '30 Rock' premiered in the year 2006. Since that time, each man that I have dated has made a point of saying how much I remind him of the main character on that show, Liz Lemon. They said this, in each case, while we were breaking up."


Fictional Drugs In Order Of How Useful They Would Be To Me Right Now

14. Sex Packets 13. Glint 12. DMZ 11. Vitameatavegamin 10. Comanapracil 9. Gleemonex


'30 Rock' Porn Goes All Out On Quality Script, Acting

The folks at Daily Intelligencer are right: This 30 Rock porn promo (safe for work sex-wise, but there are some bad words) is remarkably faithful to the tenor of the show. The "Jack Donaghy" character actually does a really good Alec Baldwin. I LOL'd several times, which, given that this godawful UTI of a week has me in the world's foulest mood, is a sign of remarkably high quality. Or terminal derangement. Anyway, enjoy! (There's apparently a "Cribs" porn parody at the beginning of the clip, but lord knows I'm not watching that. That would be truly disgusting.)


Liz Lemonism May Not Be Feminism but '30 Rock' Does Have Lots of Jokes

30 Rock: up to 11.64 jokes per minute.


David Is A Good Kid And We Like To Throw Him A Bone Every Now And Then

There sure were a lot of stars on 30 Rock last night! Adam Levine, some Beastie Boys, Clay Aiken, Cyndi Lauper, Elvis Costello, Mary J. Blige, Michael McDonald, Moby, Norah Jones, Rachael Yamagata, Robert Randolph, Sarah Bareilles, Sheryl Crow, Wyclef Jean… heck, probably more! [INTERNAL NOTE: Okay, HAPPY NOW CHO?] It was a good episode!