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Enhanced Rehabilitation

"What'll happen next? At a guess: Jack running, Jack shouting, Jack struggling to convince his busybody superiors that he knows the truth, Jack somehow phoning the president and convincing him that he knows the truth, guns, double-crosses, red herrings, Stephen Fry wobbling his jowls around like the avuncular landlord of a provincial Oxfordshire pub, half-hearted ethical questions about torture and a bittersweet ending. And me, bouncing up and down and clapping my hands with glee whenever anything happens. God, it's great to have 24 back, isn't it?" —It would be optimistic to say that 24 had been ejected from the TV canon, but the last four years have not [...]


First Serve, "Pushin' Aside, Pushin' Along"

Oh my god this so good! It's basically new De La Soul, as "First Serve" is the name chosen by Posdnuos and Trugoy the Dove, two-thirds of the the storied Long Island rap trio, for their new project with French production duo 2+4. Apparently, they're making a concept album (and maybe a movie?) for which they've adopted alter egos (Posdnuos is "Jacob 'Pop Life' Barrow," Trugoy is "Deen Whittier"), that tells the story of a pair of goofy Queens teenagers hoping to make it in rap. Conceptually and musically, First Serve harkens back to De La's old pal Prince Paul's super-awesome, not-nearly-well-enough-known 1999 rap opera, A [...]


24 Answers To Unanswered Questions About "24"

"Lost" wasn't the only show to air its series finale this week. After eight seasons, Fox's action/adventure series "24" also drew to a close last evening. You may have some questions about it! Let's address those.