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Fox News Replaces Idiot With Another Idiot

When Fox News got rid of Sarah Palin by offering her a very tiny contract renewal, people who follow these things said, "Oh, Fox News has been forced to scale back the crazy a little bit, because the old white lunatics are quickly dying off and America's population now consists solely of multi-ethnic transgender metrosexuals." But these people were wrong, because Fox News just hired Herman Cain as a paid on-air personality.

Herman Cain was the 2012 GOP presidential frontrunner at some point—everybody was a GOP frontrunner at some point, except for Sarah Palin. Imagine being such a washed-up dingbat that you couldn't even compete with the likes [...]


The Very Very Worst Movies of 2010

Oh yeah, it's the worst movies of 2011 list! I'm actually shocked by what ended up at #1. It shoulda been Alice in Wonderland! Or maybe I'm Still Here? Or, if you're Rex Reed… Inception! (For true!) But A. O. Scott makes a great point: the most bad and evil movie of 2010? It was a documentary.


21 Best Albums of 2010–With No Kanye On It

Wouldn't you find it refreshing to read a list of the 21 Best Albums of 2010 that does not at all include Kanye West? I know I certainly did!


'Blue Valentine': New Trailer

The squeezing-in at the last second for Oscar consideration this year is already bananas.


And Hello, 2010, We Are Back

Oh hi. We are back in the office after our brief vacation. What did we miss? What's that, you say? You were traumatized by your family/in-laws and drank too much too early and sometimes couldn't remember what day it was? There, we're all caught up! (I know, it's like I'm psychic, but I actually read about it on your Tumblr.) A few housekeeping notes. It is going to take us a million years to catch up on our email. We might never actually get there even? So if, between December 22 and yesterday, you emailed us about something we should know about and you didn't receive a reply, it [...]


One Bad Indicator For 2010

Remember how 2009 sucked? Of course you do, as it is still sucking. Brace yourselves, because today comes uncertain-making news about 2010 and its various qualities. Yes, it's the color of the year. Turquoise, says Pantone, as they do each year now at this time. Because, they say: "Combining the serene qualities of blue and the invigorating aspects of green, Turquoise evokes thoughts of soothing, tropical waters and a languorous, effective escape from the everyday troubles of the world, while at the same time restoring our sense of wellbeing." Sure, those are my associations with turquoise-not that road trip through southwestern America's reservation system, where I was frequently chased [...]


The 'Times' Makes More Than Half a Million Dollars a Day on Papers' Websites

Over the course of 2010, the digital advertising revenues for the New York Times News Media Group—that's largely the papers' websites, like the Globe and the Timeswere $212.2 million. That's $581,369 a day. Continuing the trending, print revenues were down and Internet revenues were up—all told, digital income was 16.2% of the Times Company's revenue throughout 2010. Total debt and "capital lease obligations" stand at about $996 million; operating profit for the year was $384.3 million.


The 10 Most Wonderful Internet Films of 2010

Here are ten videos, culled from the neverending stream of Internet things that pass by my face each day, ten videos that will make you feel good about the world. They're all from this year, a year that I can say confidently had way more suck than it had awesome; but if you take half an hour to ignore all the suck and watch these you will come away thinking, man, people still make some beautiful things, even in the midst of shit raining down, even if only they're tiny little Internet videos. This was a running list I started in January, a list I only added to when [...]


Our Brief Fossil Record

I was supposed to be a geologist. It’s true: I know a lot more about dips and strikes, mass extinctions, the relative time scale (which I can recite thanks to the mnemonic “Please come over some day, maybe play poker, three jacks cover two queens”—look it up), dissolved oxygen, schist, gneiss, basalt pillow formations and various dramatic fault lines than I do about the current New York Times bestsellers list, or what’s trending on Twitter. I’m an editor, but I still spend a lot of time thinking about rocks. And water. Actually, saying I was supposed to be a geologist isn’t quite right: I was supposed to be a [...]


A Guide to the 2010 Republican Up-And-Comers

Ben Quayle: Competing to represent Arizona's 3rd congressional district. Figured that enough people would have forgotten his blithering not-Jack-Kennedy father to make his unfortunate genetics a non-issue, yet had the paterfamilias announce his candidacy on Fox News' "America Live" (a factless daytime chat show hosted by Greta Van Susteren's understudy) because he is a sniveling and fearful child. Tried to compensate for this transparent cowardice with the ad above attacking Barack Obama-who is not one of his nine Republicans opponents in the upcoming GOP primary-as the "worst president in history," and delivered his lines as though he were trying to convince an underage hooker to run away with him [...]


'Jackass 3' To Begin A Brave New Decade

"We're going to take the same 3D technology James Cameron used in AVATAR and stick it up Steve O's butt." -Johnny Knoxville, explaining Jackass 3 and also what most of 2010 threatens to be like.


How Lives End

If you’re reading this, Mom — and I’m sure that you are — I hope that you’re proud of your boy. I could have been a Middle Eastern extra on “24.” And way ahead. But when the I.T. guy came and wiped me out — everything: me, just gone — I remember trying not to think about how easily you can be erased. “Exactly what you need,” he said. Then we strapped the kayaks to the roof of the car, got in and sat for a long time, heater blasting, weighing our options. As I watched the improvised refugee camp shrink in the [...]


The Blackboard, Slated to be Wiped Clean

The day I learned that the Earth would be cracked open by a comet, that the seas would turn suddenly to steam and the wind from every direction would catch fire, that the sky would be covered over with heavy tarps of black burning dust and every one of us would end up stenciled like letters into the fossil record, I went to the movies. But then Richard Gere burst out into "Razzle Dazzle," and my heart went nuts and my head went light and my skin went damp and it went cold and the only thought I could manage was this: "The world is going to end and [...]


Nearly 100 People Choose Their #1 Album of 2010

Against Me!: White Crosses —Ed D'Oliviera

Arcade Fire: The Suburbs —Kate Richardson

Arcade Fire: The Suburbs —Margaret Wappler

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffitti: Before Today —Randall Roberts

Arp: The Soft Wave —Scott Tennent


Blogger To Publish Book in 2010!

Every year, I ask myself: am I going to read anything that is made-up this year? For 2010, I am not so sure. The invented seems so unrewarding. Still! Here is a preview of the first half of the year in mostly-fiction. Can you believe people have the gall to turn blogs into books? Like that crazy kid José de Sousa Saramago, the author of Blindness? Sheesh, some nerve.


Goldman Sachs Issues a Strong Buy on The Cheesecake Factory!

Yesterday, Goldman Sachs sent out their market research advisory on the restaurant industry in the Americas, with "five themes that will dictate restaurant stock performance in 2010." The outlook? SUNNY! There will be a "high end resurgence"! Also, an extremely high chance of people desiring cheesecakes!