New York City, November 26, 2017

★★★ Great blocks of sun and shadow moved over the buildings and across the sky before the clouds receded and complete sun arrived. Light got into the narrow space between the still-leafy trees and the building fronts. The coffee shop had put up a vestibule. A woman and child wore almost identical olive parkas, hers with a much more lavish fur treatment on the hood. A sheet of gray spread over the afternoon, untucked at the north or west corners but heavy enough to sink a chill into the playground. The cloud layer was so high that three airplanes could pass under it at once at different altitudes. The late light got up under it, spreading pink lowlights and purple highlights over the upside-down topography. When the sky overhead had subsided to mottled blue and gray, the south-southwest was still flaming orange, slashed with even brighter contrails.