Heathered Pearls, "The Packard Plant"

The wifi in the Awl office is out so in a couple of hours I’ve got to go in and sit there waiting during the window Verizon gave us for service. I’ve been irritated and annoyed by it since the start of the week but it suddenly occurred to me this morning: For four hours (that may be an optimistic estimate) I will be in the one place in the world where I can be totally and legitimately untroubled by Internet. It’s actually going to be like a goddamn dream. Maybe you guys should figure out a way to disable the Internet at the places where you live and work. Can anyone at this point in time deny that life would be so much brighter without it? Anyway, here’s music, enjoy. I won’t be able to listen to it in a couple of hours but oh my God will that trade-off ever be worth it.