New York City, October 17, 2017

★★★★ The sun and the reflected sun sparkled together relentlessly, lighting up individual strands of hair. The exertion of hurrying from the school to the apartment to fetch the forgotten viola music served to take the edge off the chill. A ray of light did a trick shot off a high window of the Lincoln Building, under the subway canopy, and down the stairs to hit the mezzanine floor. The cool air tightened up the scalp. The lit-up teeth on the top of the Parsons building looked like the cutting edge on a box of aluminum foil. At lunchtime, the whole Flatiron Building, with the sun behind it, seemed to be levitating in an aura. Air conditioners threw afternoon shadows 10 or 15 feet long. Once again the shade in the cross street did a passable imitation of premature nightfall.