An Oral History of Reading An Oral History of David S. Pumpkins

The first rule of David S. Pumpkins is don’t talk about David S. Pumpkins.

megancreynolds [12:57]
do i need to know what david s pumpkins is
i missed that last year

silvia [12:57 PM]
it was last year
missed it once, shame on you
missed it twice, congrats

megancreynolds [12:57 PM]
omg yessss
i was at a wedding the weekend of david pump
and i never researched
but i just saw vulture published an “oral history

nicole [12:59 PM]
“we drafted a sketch. then we revised it.”
“we told Tom Hanks to slap their butts.”
“I don’t know why this got so popular.”

megancreynolds [1:00 PM]
that description alone

nicole [1:01 PM]
I mean, I thought the sketch was cute, but it doesn’t need an oral history
the entire thing was put together in like two days
“an oral history of the Billfold post I wrote this morning”

megancreynolds [1:02 PM]
would read that

silvia [1:06]
ok here’s the link megan let’s read together
An Oral History of ‘David Pumpkins’
The story of Saturday Night Live’s most improbable breakout character. (71kB)
Yesterday at 8:40 AM

megancreynolds [1:06 PM]
ugh ok here goes

silvia [1:06 PM]
“improbable” is a good obama-era buzzword
he doesn’t get enough credit for that
(that was just the dek)

megancreynolds [1:07 PM]
this reads like a parody

silvia [1:07 PM]
“this sketch is about confused people trying to figure out what the david s. pumpkins sketch was”

nicole [1:08 PM]
I find it strange that they never once mention the dancing Halloween guy meme

silvia [1:08 PM]
I have a copy edit
it’s lorne michaelS’s not lorne michael’s

megancreynolds [1:08 PM]
i’m extremely sorry this is the dumbest sketch i’ve ever seen

nicole [1:08 PM]

YouTube KXVO 10:00 News
KXVO “Pumpkin Dance”

megancreynolds [1:08 PM]
i woud rather talk abiut that
i love that

silvia [1:09 PM]
why hasn’t anyone done a cover of teenage dream as teenage meme?
off topic but also
good idea

nicole [1:09 PM]
I mean, it’s a guy in a weird outfit doing something visually compelling but also bizarre
with a little cringe factor thrown in

megancreynolds [1:09 PM]
here’s the thing — i can’t finish this skit

silvia [1:09 PM]
i’d rather an oral history of halloween meme weather man
wonder if it exists

megancreynolds [1:09 PM]
i think it does

nicole [1:09 PM]
if they go so far as to note that they were referencing Bosom Buddies with Hanks’ costume then….

megancreynolds [1:09 PM]
bc i read it somewhere

silvia [1:09 PM]
of course

megancreynolds [1:09 PM]
i forget where
The Story Behind the Greatest Halloween Video Ever in the History of the Internet
When Matt Geiler donned a pumpkin mask and a unitard on Halloween in 2006, he created an internet sensation. And his 2014 Studio 360 interview remains legendary. (37kB)

silvia [1:12 PM]
“MD: But the — no pun intended — bones were there.”
don’t lie mikey day

megancreynolds [1:12 PM]

silvia [1:12 PM]
you intended that pun

megancreynolds [1:12 PM]
“MD: I think names and suits are funny. Normal names in insane situations and dumb suits are funny. So, I just remember thinking, David Pumpkins. He’s got pumpkins on his suit.”
thats not funny

silvia [1:12 PM]
any guesses from the peanut gallery on how many words long this is

megancreynolds [1:13 PM]

silvia [1:13 PM]
also the funniest part of the pumpkins sketch is obviously the ghoul skeletons

megancreynolds [1:13 PM]
yes, tom hanks is lame here

nicole [1:13 PM]
“Slap our butts here, Tom!”

silvia [1:14 PM]
it’s easily 5000 words megan

megancreynolds [1:14 PM]
fuck me
it goes on for so long
i had to stop reading it bc i have to blog lol

nicole [1:14 PM]
are you going to watch the animated special though

megancreynolds [1:15 PM]
i’d rather tear my nails out and feed them to myself in a fritatta