What Time Is National Duck Out For A Drink Day?

National Duck Out For A Drink Day is a holiday celebrated each August 25th (or, in the event that August 25th should fall on a weekend, on the closest weekday before). NDOFADD (pronounced “en-do-fad”) is a proud tradition dating back since long before many of you were even on the Internet, and its rules and customs are simple:

To observe, all you need to do is grab a friend from work and slip off to a nearby bar for a shot or two. Or a couple of mixed drinks. Or a shot and a beer and then maybe one more beer. Two shots and two beers. A few spritzers, even. Whatever you can get away with. And do not feel ashamed if you need to go by yourself. The point of National Duck Out For A Drink Day is the ducking out and the drinking.

While National Duck Out For A Drink Day is not yet a federally recognized holiday (it was close to achieving recognition back before our sclerotic legislative system seized up entirely and our country became ungovernable; Barack Obama hinted at achieving something by proclamation but it wound up being one of the many things he was too busy cozying up to bankers to attend to) its continuing observance over many years in every part of the country makes it an annual tradition whose legitimacy cannot be denied, particularly by your employer if he or she catches you coming back after knocking a few back. Don’t be ashamed of engaging in this venerable custom, but maybe take some mints with you just in case.

Please enjoy National Duck Out For A Drink Day responsibly and remember: If you go to the bar during work, it’s like they’re paying you to drink.

Photo: anjan58