The Life Of Bob

The rehabbed flamingo who loves company.

The unlikely duo met in October, after Bob (whom Doest named spontaneously when
 the radio host asked his name) crashed into a hotel window and collapsed near the pool. Doest,
 an exotic-pet veterinarian who rehabilitates wildlife on the side, learned of the accident via Facebook and rushed over. She quickly realized Bob couldn’t be released, because of his unnatural affinity for human company. So Bob became part of Doest’s rescue flock, which includes macaws, boobies, and a caracara. The birds live on her yard and porch-turned-aviary, next door to her office.

A veterinarian on the island of Curaçao adopted an injured flamingo and named him Bob. Her wildlife photographer cousin started taking pictures of Bob as she brought him around to classrooms to talk about animal habitats and conservation on the small island, and the results are splendid. Take a minute with these wonderful photographs.