Exclamation Point, 2003-201?

What the fuck!

…Sicha has spent the past decade developing what has become the lingua franca of the Internet: un-snobbish endorsements, presented in a candid, self-consciously hysterical tone. (A recent tweet: “Vicious news cycle today! Like many others, I just got bumped by Weiner.”) His humorously helpful parentheticals, doubt-inducing scare quotes, casual “like”s dropped carefully amidst otherwise competent sentences, and gratuitous exclamation points litter the online landscape. When typed by Sicha, though, these superficial markers of style—so easy to replicate!—communicate a set of core values that he’s carried with him from job to job: genuine egalitarianism, acrobatic diplomacy, unregulated intimacy.

Once upon a time The New Yorker (dot com) wrote about our dear Awl co-founder’s “idiomatic dominion,” with especial focus on the gratuitous exclamation point—I don’t know about you but they just don’t do it for me anymore. Has this motherfucker ruined them for anyone else?