Waxahatchee, "Recite Remorse"

Another day, another “Oh God, another day”

Photo: Juan Charvet

At the end of the day yesterday I was like, “Even for the age in which we live, this was an especially stupid day.” But being the optimist I am I thought, “Well, maybe that means that tomorrow could in no way be worse or dumber than today was.” And yet, here we are, well before noon, and the day has already exceeded its predecessor in both reach and grasp. The two lessons I take from this are: optimism is for chumps and we’re on rocket ride to a world of absurdity so inconceivable that every previous prediction has already proven too sedate to take seriously. Strap in, I guess, or don’t, because there’s no way off. Anyhow, here’s another one from one of the only good things about 2017, Waxahatchee’s Out in the Storm. Enjoy.