I Think I Solved The Mystery of Dua Lipa's Face

Can you check my math here?


Hey nerds. Summer school’s in session and I need you to look over this theorem I’ve been tinkering on.

First, pls watch the Dua Lipa “New Rules” video (it bangs).

You back? Amazing. Okay so I can’t be 100% certain, but I’m pretty sure 1 Dua Lipa = 1 Aubrey Plaza + 1 Ivanka Trump.

Take a peek:

Screengrabs via YouTube

Alexa, shuffle:

Screengrabs via YouTube

Siri, jumble them:

Screengrabs via YouTube

Was looking at the Ivankas triggering? They were definitely triggering to take screenshots of*. Sorry about that. And sorry in particular about the American flag one, but her neck was really having a moment re: that updo and unfortunately it was necessary to the comparison.

Anyway, I’m right, right? Dua Lipa = Ivanka Trump + Aubrey Plaza, facially?



*Did you know that when you watch Ivanka Trump interviews on YouTube, the ad you’re served beforehand features Karlie Kloss building her own website using Wix?

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