The Cable Mini Series Of This All In 20 Years Will Be Good Though

And other tweets not sent by Luke Mazur

Image: Dean Hochman


Silvia: I KNOW
it’s all happening
(Ed note: it’s not)

Luke: the cable mini series of this all in 20 years will be good though

Silvia: therewon’t be any cable though

Luke: right yeah
streaming to our eyes

Silvia: FX Rx

Luke: fxx rx will stream us the simpsons
i wonder if there will be new episodes still

Silvia: the AI bots will write them and they will be good

Luke: will bots also write the rankings of every episodes

Silvia: are you bot entertained

Luke: haha jared money laundered
and trump knows and/or helped him

Silvia: he can’t have known either

Luke: yeah youre right
he found out like a day ago
or tomorrow morning


Luke: oh yeah he knew this was going to end this way
that’s why he wasn’t super terrified
just regular terrified

Silvia: he prob knew about the hacking and everything
that’s why his smile was so big and relaxed

Luke: right and he was like these fucking dumbasses (about us, the voters)
also he knew about kamala emerging as a star during the hearings

Silvia: obamacle

Silvia: he’s tweeting luke
daytime tweeting

Luke: i saw
he was just at the supreme court too haha
oh wow he called hillary H
the hammering phones lmao

Silvia: clearly it’s him tweeting

Luke: he is obsessed w her
i forgot he said she hammered phones
he thinks about it daily

Silvia: lol

Luke: someone should tweet that he is running against kamala now
it’s too late though