Shinichi Atobe, "The Red Line"

Let’s just get to the sleep part.

Photo: ccho

So many things are happening all the time now but so many things are happening just today! You know where you’re going to be able to hide from it all? Nowhere. You know who’s not going to be annoying? No one. You know what’s not going to make you want to die? Nothing. All you can do is run down the clock until you finally get to sleep again. Even though even sleep has been ruined by everything being horrible now it’s still the only thing we’ve got left that is not all the other things. On today especially let’s take a second to appreciate sleep. Sleep: It’s what you do to not be awake. Okay, good luck out there, you are sure as hell going to need it. Here’s a classic from Shinichi Atobe to get you through. Enjoy.