One Of The Best Things About The New "Twin Peaks" Is The Musical Cameos

At the end of every* episode

Remember when bands would play songs on TV shows like “The O.C.” or “Gossip Girl” and it would be, like, loosely written into the plot, like at a nightclub or a prom, and it was a big deal for both us and also them? Everybody won in that situation: you get to enjoy a cool new song, the band got exposure, and the creator of the show looked smart and good even if it was the music editor’s choice or even suggestion and the music editor’s second assistant who actually managed the booking. Remember?

The second coming of “Twin Peaks” has been doing the same thing in the past four episodes, loosely set at The Roadhouse, and it has been great. Thank you to David Lynch. Or David Lynch’s music person’s second assistant.

Your Guide to All of the Bands in Twin Peaks

Vulture will be collecting them all in one place here, which is less fun that Googling “what was the song at the end of twin peaks episode 7,” but much more efficient.

*except the first one, I know I know.