Hank Youngman, "Now In Grey Marle"

I had a dream.

Photo: mbeo

Last night I dreamed that God came down and gave a little speech. He told us that, after an extensive review, He could no longer justify all the resources He had originally allocated to humanity and He was going to restructure the organization of the dry land under the firmament to effect a more equitable and efficient expression of His creation, so that going forward dominion over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth would be assigned to the bees. He thanked us all for our efforts in His experiment thus far and was sorry that things hadn’t quite worked out the way we all had hoped, but He wished us well in our future endeavors, whatever those might be, and then He left us to negotiate our new world. Then all the stinging started. What does it mean? NOTHING. Dreams don’t mean anything. They’re a bunch of idiot thoughts your idiot brain jumbles up and pushes to the front of your mind to punish you for being asleep when it gets bored late at night and has no one to hang out with. Anyway, what dreams have you had lately? Tell us in the comments! Hahaha, j/k I don’t care. No one does. The only reason you listened to me talk about my idiot dream was you thought it might be going somewhere. Sucker! No one cares about dreams! Here, though, is something I care about very much: music. Enjoy.