Okay, Fine, Those New LCD Soundsystem Songs Are Pretty Good

Why not: “American Dream” and “Call the Police”

Photo: Theodore Lee

As someone who feels like LCD Soundsystem’s big farewell to-do a few years back was a massive, if shockingly predictable, scam, I was initially disinclined to support any of their current efforts. This is not coming from a position of bitterness: I wasn’t dumb enough to spend hundreds of dollars attending what even a certifiable dimwit who had never seen a scam before could easily determine would in no way be their “final show.” I was not, in fact, even totally in to them to begin with. I mean, they were fine. “Losing My Edge,” when it came out, announced that something interesting was happening. “All My Friends” is a legitimate classic. I didn’t dislike them. But there was something so distasteful about not only how transparently scammy their “last show” scam was but also the shockingly brief amount of time they allowed to elapse before announcing their reunion. I mean, at the very least, wait a decade and do it under a different name or something. It’s just gross. BUT. Have you seen what’s happened in the last year? Do you want to even get started on gross? In the scheme of things the scam that LCD Soundsystem pulled is such small stakes that it is almost churlish to hold them accountable for their hucksterism, particularly if you are not one of the idiots who shelled out a lot of money to attend what wouldn’t even be their last show during the Obama administration. So anyway, they just put a couple of new songs out and you know what? They’re not terrible. They are in no way new or different, but you don’t pull a scam like LCD Soundsystem did and come back with the exact same name to go in a different direction. You give the people what they want, which is exactly what they’ve done here. I can’t blame them any, not that I could ever trust them again. But as mentioned earlier, what difference does it make now that nothing matters and concepts like shame and honesty are artifacts of history? LCD Soundsystem is back because they never really went away, and if the same suckers who got scammed by them a few years ago are okay with it who am I to hold a grudge? These scammers’ songs are pretty good. Enjoy.