Awlcast Episode 11: Shipping

Filling the void with a mailing-supply catalog.

Image: nick sherman

This week’s episode is about the beloved-but-also-hated-among-makers-and-creatives industrial shipping-supply catalog, Uline. Who doesn’t love to peruse mailing and shipping boxes? But there’s a political catch: the billion-dollar business is owned by a husband-and-wife team of conservative Republicans, which maybe wouldn’t really matter except that company president Liz Uihlein makes a point of peacocking her politics in fairly right-wing op-eds that get printed on the back page of each catalog.

Free Shipping

Nick Douglas joins us to talk about boxes, containers, injection molding, and void-fill. How many different ways can you fill a void? And what does your preferred method of popping plastic void-fill say about your personality?