The Second Sort-Of Annual Change Bowl Cash-In!

The results are in and everyone overshot the mark.

Good morning. I may have scolded you too harshly last week, because most everyone except for steve rousseau (nice) had a guess that was too high and I also failed to clarify whether I would be looking for the closest guess without going over (the usual guess-how-many-widgets-in-a-container rules), and so I will have to stick to my own words: “whoever’s guess is closest,” no qualification.

The Second Sort-Of Annual Change Bowl Guessing Game

I also didn’t say that I wouldn’t accept Twitter guesses but that’s mainly because I wanted you to engage with my blog in the comments Kinja below the post, as more of a social media strategy than a strict rule of the game, but also because that makes it procedurally more easy for me, as the decider, if all the guesses are neatly aligned in one platform.

The correct answer was $557.37

THAT SAID, the closest guess ($567.89, lol) did actually come in the form of a Medium comment from reader J.D. Connor, a professor of cinematic studies at the University of Southern California. Congrats to J.D., who will win something, maybe the half-full bottle of pumpkin cordial, maybe a galley of a novel, or maybe a nice used paperback Dostoevsky. Very amazing that his possibly joke guess was only off by $10.52. Sometimes that’s just how the Coke Zero crumbles. Sorry to all you other dummies, but thank you for playing and engaging with our content. I had fun.