Señor Frog's Is Better Than The Wonders Of The World

The people have spoken.

Image: Luke H. Gordon

Democratization of the internet and the free exchange of information is crucial to the expansion of social liberalism. Every day we see more forces at work trying to prevent us from getting the information we need to remain truly informed as engaged citizens. For example, the history revisionists in Texas are imbuing fiction into the textbooks that provide misinformation to the 4,000 children in America who can afford public education; George Soros has his propaganda machine churning out more deceptions than ever; and Congress has, if I may be crass, “pulled the plug” on our internet privacy protections, opening the door for that skeezeball Assange to ruin each of our lives on a more individualized basis from his Ecuadorian dungeon of shame. This makes us even more collectively malleable at this dark moment in our nation’s history. One thing you see a lot of is the media recklessly drawing false equivalencies between two loosely related things in order to craft a point that furthers their agenda. However, the people are sharing e-information with each other that counters the corporate narratives and allows us to control our agenda. All this is to say: Señor Frog’s in Orlando, Florida is better than the UNESCO World Heritage Sites — please find the evidence to support this claim below.

No one gives a care about your birthday at the Great Pyramid of Giza! +1 to the frog.

Modern day “no room at the inn” story vs. one tremendously dissatisfied customer!

Have on good authority that “latino” night at the Taj Mahal is terrible!

The bureaucrats puffing cigars on Capitol Hill don’t want you to read this.

Radio silence about this on the Clinton News Network (CNN).

Whoa party in Jovan’s backyard, am I wrong?

Up to you if you want your family to have fun or not I guess.

More evidence that’s been buried by our corporate overlords.

Enough said!

Kaeleigh Forsyth is a writer who lives and struggles every day in Queens.