New York City, April 18, 2017

★★★★ Brilliant sun sparkled on cars even through their films of pollen. Despite the brightness all around it was cool, almost unto crispness. The thin growing leaves incandesced, on their way to becoming capable of shade. A blinding reflection came off blue mirrored sunglasses pushed high up on someone’s head. The people who had dressed for summer began to seem as if they had a case. A man strenuously worked a skateboard in side-to-side curves to get past cars waiting at a stoplight. Grate-patterned sunbeams made it onto the wall at the back of the subway platform. The viola played inside the apartment as the work rig outside squeaked and rattled down beside the window. In the five o’clock hour, a man was still out by Broadway wearing shorts and flip-flops, and a bicyclist rode by shirtless with a backpack, but the chill had grown certain again.