New York City, April 11, 2017

★★★★ The children went out to the playground and came back again with plenty of morning still left. A palomino police horse clopped down the cross street. On the bottom of Union Square, heat and light were bouncing up off the sidealk to meet the incoming heat and light. The air in the coffee shop was stuffy enough to settle the question of whether to switch to iced. Over on Fifth Avenue, though, a breeze was counterbalancing the sun. Six trees were in leaf. The bakery’s cold-weather vestibule was gone and all the sidewalk tables were out. Door after door hung open. Knees and shoulders were out; delicate fabrics floated. Within a few hours, the breeze had pushed out the heat. A green fog floated where the tree canopy would have to manifest itself before too much longer. Humid air pushed its way into the bedroom at night.