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‘Withnail & I’ came out so many years ago, how did that happen?

One of the many terrible things about not dying is living long enough to see the celebration of impossible-seeming anniversaries occur with depressing regularity. Withnail and I, which most days is just in the upper half of my list of top ten all-time movies, apparently turns thirty this year, which can’t be right because I saw it in the theatre as a vibrant young fellow with a cheerful disposition and a boundless curiosity and a boundless zest for life and that would mean that now I’m — oh my God, I’m so old. Anyway, here’s a nice bit where resident Withnail Richard E. Grant shares ancient memories and such. If you haven’t seen the movie yet what is wrong with you, and if you have and you don’t care for it I would once have asked the same question but the older I get the less I give a shit about how stupid anyone else is. Here:

Withnail and I: Cult classic turns 30 – BBC News