Justin Walter, "Unseen Forces"

What’s the word?

Photo: Robert S

Words can have astonishing power, not only by their ability to convince or sway but sometimes simply with the sense they convey. Most of us have a term or two that trips us up in a way that is completely disproportionate to the of weight of the word intended by its user. (For some of us so many words are minefields of unconscious association that we must remember to take a deep breath before reacting to them.) What’s the word that sets you off the most, the word that puts you on edge? What word makes you feel things you don’t want to feel?

It’s going to be warm and rainy here in town the next few days. Conditions could be moist well into Saturday, so I guess be set for that. Anyway, here’s the title track from Justin Walter’s terrific new album, which is out tomorrow and, as mentioned, terrific. Enjoy.