When April Fool's Day Falls On The Weekend We Get To Skip It

I don’t make the rules I just blog them.

April Fool’s Meat Loaf. (Image: Overduebook)

Once every some number of years, your birthday falls on a Friday, which is the best because you get to have treats at work and then the most wonderful gift of all as your present: the weekend. Two days without work and further plot points in your Sunday-night prestige TV. Some people think it’s nice to have your birthday on a Saturday or Sunday, but this is incorrect because when you go about your regular life on a weekday that also happens to be your birthday, you know the whole time, something special is going on. There’s some undercurrent, some electric charge buzzing through that day that makes it, more so than usual, about you.

Of course, birthdays are a lie and so are joke holidays, and nothing is ever really about you, but it’s good for society to let everyone Have A Day. For the past however many years people have been smartasses online, April Fool’s Day has been The Day for the smartasses to commit the equivalent of the “there’s-something-on-your-shirt” trick, electronically flicking you on the chin. Made you click!

Everyone hates April Fools’ Day – so why does it endure?

Well guess what, this year April Fool’s Day, April 1st, falls on a Saturday. This basically means everyone is allowed, nay encouraged to opt out of it. Unwittingly engaging with April Fools on a Saturday is like getting a work email on a Sunday night. It’s not cool, and frankly it’s an intrusion on my personal boundaries and I will not stand for it. They can’t get you if you don’t look. This is your one and only warning to stay the hell away.

Have fun, be safe, make good choices, and do not engage.