The Uber Problem

Well, one of them, at least.

Photo: emilydickinsonridesabmx

Have you heard that Uber has been having some issues lately? Money guy Matt Levine has a thought that is related, but also relevant to a larger issue with the idiot way the world works now:

Uber solves all its problems with money, which is not a long-term sustainable approach. As a consumer, I kind of hate this approach. Uber “attracts customers by offering them below-cost taxi rides,”… but that’s not how it attracted me. It attracted me with convenience and certainty and the ability to get a car anywhere. I would pay more for that than I would for a regular taxi. Instead I have to pay less, and make up for it with intense feelings of shame and guilt. This seems like a general problem with the current generation of tech companies. They’ll give you an incredibly valuable service for cheap or free, but they’ll make you feel terrible about it. (Hi, Twitter!) I feel like there is a market niche for more expensive products without the baggage, but perhaps that doesn’t scale.

Yeah, good luck with that. Thank God we’ll all be dead soon.

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