Nils Frahm, "Brainwash"

Happy Piano Day

Photo: Claudio Benech

It’s Piano Day!

Piano Day 2017

Piano Day! A celebration of the piano and everything about it! There will also be a ton of non-piano-related things that happen today, but it’s hard to get excited about MORE TERRIBLE SHIT THAT COMES DOWN ON US ALL THE TIME NOW DAY, so let’s just celebrate Piano Day today and tomorrow we can return our focus to all the terrible shit that comes down on us all the time now. Here’s something from Nils Frahm for you to enjoy. Piano Day!

BONUS: The folks at “Stockholm-based record label Feeder Recordings have three of their connected artists — Tired Tape Machine, Vargkvint and Jakob Lindhagen — each paying tribute to the ancient old instrument by recording a song each on a hundred year old, upright JG Malmsjö-piano.” Enjoy!