I Clicked A Headline About Chicken Tenders But All I Got Was This Newsletter

I feel duped.

Image: theimpulsivebuy

A few quibbles: I was hoping to read a stirring defense of chicken tenders, which said New York Times piece by Sam Sifton (which is actually not a piece but the NYT’s Cooking newsletter, verbatim) does not provide. Strange, since it is headlaned, “The Case for Chicken Tenders.” First of all, chicken tenders shouldn’t need defending???? Second, there are many hyperlinks to Times recipes, but not one links to the canonical (watch me get murdered for this) appreciation of chicken tenders, which won a James Beard Award in 2016:

On Chicken Tenders

While we’re here: fuck panko. It’s fine, but it’s getting used way too much. It’s the dandruff flakes of bread and we can all do better. If you like yourself, use flour, and if you love yourself, use buttermilk.