Guy Says Maybe Email Isn't The Most Horrible Thing In The World Today

No, wait, hear him out.

Photo: Shang Ning

“I hate getting email. But I recognize that the problem is not email as a technology; the problem is people wanting to talk to you. Email is the least annoying way for people to contact you, so it’s the most popular, which is why you have so many emails, which is why, paradoxically, it feels so annoying. But, what, you want everyone to start texting you? You want them to send you LinkedIn messages? You want them to call you on the phone?”

— Matt Levine, who has an email newsletter and so might not be the most disinterested observer here, still makes a good point. If “in a bar, preferably just the two of us” is the best way to have a conversation with someone, and “via old-fashioned telephony” is the worst, email is probably somewhere in the middle. If you can think of a better method, write it on a piece of paper and try to find a way to get it over to us. Thanks!

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