When Is It Right To Snitch Out Someone Online?

A guide for perplexed big babies

Photo: Jlhopgood

So how do we feel about the trend of trying to get people fired through social media?

“You’re fired” tactics make sense for the alt-right, which is crusading for a meaner society in which bullies reign and workers can be fired more easily. Progressives, supposedly, are fighting for the opposite vision. That the threat to get an interlocutor fired from her job would become a common mode of political discourse even for progressives shows how deeply neoliberalism pervades our culture. Particularly in the educated classes, many now view themselves as little managers, or entrepreneurs. Those who offend become the poorly-performing help. Their livelihoods are disposable, and they deserve to be made to feel their precarity. Only in a society with almost no safety nets, in which few people have the job security afforded by union protections or tenure, could random bullies on the internet terrify us by tagging our bosses.

There is a lot to consider in the link below, even after you deduct points for “neoliberalism.”

You’re Fired

That said, the most important aspect of this issue goes unmentioned here: All social media is irredeemable poison and it shouldn’t be used for anything. You are making yourself sick inside just by subjecting yourself to it, never mind the soul-destroying aspects that come with trying to deprive someone of their livelihood because of a disagreement over something neither of you has any fucking clue about in the first place. What a horrible nightmare the whole Internet turned out to be for everyone. Thank God we’re all going to die in the purifying nuclear fires soon enough.