Objects Are Closer Than They Appear

A significant new project

Photo: jGregor

Remember Significant Objects, the Rob Walker/Joshua Glenn project from… what the fuck, 2009? HOW DID ALL THAT TIME GO BY? Jesus Christ, it seems like just yesterday.What a world. Well anyway, guess what?

PROJECT:OBJECT is a sequel to the much-discussed quasi-anthropological SIGNIFICANT OBJECTS experiment conducted in 2009–2010 by Joshua Glenn and Rob Walker, culminating in a book lavishly published by Fantagraphics in 2012. PROJECT:OBJECT will publish 100 original nonfiction stories about objects in 2017 … in quarterly “volumes” inspired by distinct themes. This new endeavor further extends Rob and Josh’s pioneering exploration of narrative, objects, and meaning into the realm of (often unexpected) personal significance.

The first volume is on the topic of Political Objects, and there are already entries from notables suchas Virginia Heffernan, Lydia Millet, Luc Sante and Astra Taylor, among others. The whole series to date can be found here, and as is the case with so many things these days, there is a tinyletter to keep you informed. Be sure to check it out; this is definitely one of the remaining examples of the rapidly diminishing “good Internet” ice caps that will some day be spoken of only in legend.